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Our vision is to raise a generation of Spirit-filled believers who will touch Heaven through prayers and the power of the Word while bringing change on earth. “To turn many to the Lord Jesus Christ and make ready a people prepared for the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (Luke 1:16-17)

  1. To encourage and promote the evangelization of the world.
  2. To encourage and promote the worship of God.
  3. To encourage and promote the edification of believers.
  4. To provide a basis of fellowship among Christians of like precious faith.
  5. To respond to human need with ministries of compassion.
  6. To establish and maintain such departments and institutions as may be necessary for the propagation of the gospel and the work of this Pentecostal fellowship.
  7. To approve scriptural teachings and practices, and to disapprove unscriptural teachings and practices.